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Life’s burning questions

Whether you’re considering a new vacation home or a new primary residence in Dover Bay, there’s no shortage of questions to be expected. You can find the most common questions about Dover Bay below. We know you may have additional questions and we’d love to talk with you about those.

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    How many miles is Dover Bay from Sandpoint?

    Dover Bay is 1.5 miles from Sandpoint, 3 miles from downtown Sandpoint.

    How do I get to Dover Bay?

    • From the Spokane Airport take Interstate 90 – East across Washington to Idaho, exit “EXIT #12.” (about an 45 minutes)
    • HWY 95 North to Sandpoint. (about 45 minutes)
    • As you cross the “Long Bridge” get ready for the “Sandpoint Exit” just before the end of the bridge on your right.
    • To get from the Sandpoint Exit to HWY 2, you’ll need to make a right, 2 lefts, and another right (a large backward “C.”)
    • If you follow the main flow of the Sandpoint Exit traffic, you will end up going North on 1st St.
    • After several blocks, EVERYTHING turns left when 1st St. hits Cedar St.
      Turn Left/West on Cedar St.
    • Take Cedar St. 4 blocks to 5th St. – make a Left/South on 5th St.
    • Go about 4 blocks until you hit the “T” intersection. Turn Right/West on HWY 2 (HWY 2 overlaps a section of Pine St. for 1 or 2 blocks then veers S/W away from Pine, follow the traffic and you’ll stay on HWY 2.)
    • Go West (S/W) on HWY 2 to Dover. (about 5 minutes)
    • At the very base of the large 4 lane Bridge, turn Left/South onto Roosevelt (formally: Old HWY #2). (Go about 100’).
    • Pass 3rd St., pass 4th St., Curve Left/South into Dover Bay Parkway.

    Is there a bike path connecting Dover Bay to Sandpoint?

    The bike path to Sandpoint starts on Fourth Avenue near the entryway to Dover Bay Waterfront Community.

    What is the nearest major airport?

    Spokane Airport is 1.5 hours away.

    How far is Dover Bay from Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort?

    Dover Bay is only 12 miles from Schweitzer.

    What are the winters like at Dover Bay?

    Winters in Dover Bay are usually moderate; however, some years the snow fall could be considered heavy.

    Do you have mosquitoes?

    Yes. It’s hard to find any place in North Idaho that doesn’t have mosquitoes. They are part of nature. Dover Bay has installed a number of sparrow houses and bat houses throughout the community to help keep the mosquito population down.

    What is the marina leasing season?

    The season is from May to October. However, if you are looking for year-round moorage please contact the marina at (208) 263-5493.

    How much is a marina slip?

    The rates depend on the size of your boat. They start at $1700 for a season.

    Is temporary moorage available?

    Yes. Moorage is available nightly, weekly, monthly or seasonally. Please call (208)263-5493 for more information.

    Is there a boat ramp available?

    Yes. The boat ramp is privately owned, but it is available for the public to use for a fee.

    Does Dover Bay have Conditions Covenants & Restrictions (CC&Rs)?

    Yes. There are master PUD CC&Rs and each neighborhood has their own set of CC&Rs.

    What are the HOAs for Dover Bay?

    Since Dover Bay has 11 different neighborhoods, each neighborhood has their own HOA.

    Does Dover Bay have design guidelines?

    Yes. Dover Bay has Design Guidelines and a Review Board that’s oversees the designs.

    Are we required to use a specific builder?

    No. Dover Bay Development will be happy to build your dream home or we can provide you with a list of preferred builders. You can also choose your own builder.

    Who handles to operations of Dover Bay?

    1. Waterfront Property Management, the largest marina operator on Lake Pend Oreille, manages the commercial facilities within the community.
    2. Dover Bay Property Management manages some of the neighborhood’s HOAs and overall community association’s maintenance.

    Does a marina slip come with my home?

    No, the marina is an independent company. If you don’t own a boat, you are not required to lease a slip.

    Is a health club membership included in the purchase of my home?

    No, the Lake Club Fitness Center is an independent entity. You are not required to be a member; however, there are number of membership opportunities available. All commercial ventures are stand alone businesses that are not tied to the HOA fees.

    If I wanted to rent my home out while I’m away, do you have a property management company?

    Yes. Please call the Dover Bay Property Management Company at (208)263-5493 for more details.

    Can we have animals?

    You can have domesticated animals, but no farm animals.