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Igloos at Dover Bay

Winter at Dover Bay is even more special when you dine inside one of our outdoor Igloos, located on the patio at Dish Restaurant.  Each one offers a cozy, warm dining experience that provides protection from the snow as well as special food & drinks in a unique outdoor setting.  Available late fall through winter, booked by reservation for guests aged 21 and over only.


Are all ages allowed?

Sorry, you must be over 21 years old.

What is the maximum capacity of the igloo?

Our igloos can accommodate up to 6 guests.

How do I modify or cancel my reservation? What is the cancellation policy?

Once you reserve the igloo, your reservation fee becomes non-refundable.

You have 72 hours prior to your reservation to modify your food and/or beverage order on either the Dover Bay or DISH website.

All food and beverages will be paid on site at DISH. If you do not show-up, you are still responsible for the pre-ordered food costs. Minimum food and beverage cost of $90.

Event cancellation policy:  You can cancel your event reservation at least 14 days in advance. The reservation fee becomes non-refundable if you cancel less than 14 days or don’t show up.  You must call DISH restaurant to cancel your reservation.

What is the attire for the igloos?

Our igloos are heated, but we recommend bringing in warm layers with you so that you can bundle up as needed.

Is the use of cigarettes, cigars and/or vapes allowed in the igloos?

No, no smoking or vaping is permitted in the igloos or on the patio.

Is outside alcohol or food permitted in the igloos?

No outside food or beverage are allowed.

When you reserve your igloo, you can pre-order your food and beverages from the “special igloo” DISH menu. When you arrive at your Igloo, your winter beverages of choice will be waiting for you.

Is sales tax included in the price?

No, sales tax is not included in the price.

Are the igloos ADA Compliant?

The igloos are not ADA Compliant. However, our team can accommodate you in the DISH Restaurant.

Are the igloos pet-friendly?

Although Dover Bay is very pet-friendly, pets are not allowed in the igloos.  Services animals are allowed.

Can I reserve an Igloo and stay overnight at Dover Bay Resort?

Yes, book an overnight stay at, call for reservation at   208-263-5493, or walk into the Dover Bay Market to make a reservation.

Is there music in the igloos?

There is Wi-Fi available so you can play your own tunes.

Dover Bay Resort & Marina

659 Lakeshore Ave. Dover, ID 83825 | 208.263.5493

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