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Why is Dover Bay different?

A. Concept of Independent Commercial Entities
In today’s market, one of the biggest sales challenges a second home development has is the love/hate relationship between real estate and the club. Many communities require homeowner’s to be a club members, using and paying for both the amenities and homeowner’s association services.
This is what sets Dover Bay apart from the rest. The commercial aspects of the Marina Village, the Lake Club Fitness Center, Café and Market, Marina and future amenities are “stand alone” facilities. The homeowner makes the choice to have a boat slip or belong to the health club facility. This “a la carte” philosophy will continue as additional amenities are added to the resort. This enables Dover Bay to keep carrying costs in particular association and management fees low.
Irreplaceable natural amenities create an irreplaceable opportunity - Location, Location, Location! Market share will be especially problematic for the remote, destination-oriented communities that are time consuming and expensive to get to and offering only a private golf club, swimming, tennis, parks and trails.
Dover Bay is also different in that it features “irreplaceable natural amenities” which creates an irreplaceable opportunity to be part of a waterfront community. One of Dover Bay’s strengths is the amount of water frontage access and views it features. Where else can you find a 285 acre community directly on the shores of a fantastic Lake? The location of having the second largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi out your front door, a world renowned ski mountain out your back and the quaint friendly town of Sandpoint nearby is distinctive.
Dover Bay is unique in that it’s nestled in a dramatic natural setting. Its location on Lake Pend Oreille, its proximity to Sandpoint and the many activities of a four season lifestyle are extremely rare. The community includes over 9 acres of parks and beaches, 9 miles of walking and biking trails which connect to the North Idaho Pathways and is only 3 miles from downtown Sandpoint which features many art galleries, restaurants and retail outlets.
Dover Bay is an easy weekend getaway for the second home buyer, 90 minute drive from Spokane, 45 minutes to Coeur d’Alene and 30 minutes to the Canadian border.

Is Dover Bay in a solid position in the market today?

Developer/Developments Credibility/Communities Financial Health - We’re very proud of the fact that we have been involved in successful residential, commercial and property management projects such as Warren Island, Holiday Shores Condominiums, East Hope Marina, Holiday Shores Resort, Sandpoint Marina and the Old Powerhouse Building. Those successes have allowed us to forge close financial relationships with a number of very stable local banks. These strong financial partners have allowed us to pursue and pay for the Dover Bay P.U.D. improvements as well as municipal and commercial improvements. Dover Bay has made substantial investments in the city of Dover, Dover Bay P.U.D, and the Marina Village commercial area.
Dover Bay PUD - Dover Bay development has funded and completed over $10 million in improvements within the Dover Bay P.U.D. consisting of all the infrastructure, roadways, the creation of an expansive trail system including a biking trail system, a number of water features and parks throughout the Community.
City Beach Donation - Dover Bay Development has built and donated to the City of Dover $4 million in new facilities including the City Hall and beautiful city beach.
Commercial / Dover Bay Resort - The first phase of the marina is completed. It is the only new marina to be built on Lake Pend Oreille in recent memory. The Resort features the Café and Market, Lake Club Fitness Center, Beach Bungalow Vacation Rentals and is in ongoing negotiations for additional amenities from Tennis Clubs, events center and additional commercial opportunities that present themselves on a regular and continuing basis.
Dover Bay and the Dover Urban Renewal Partnership
Dover Bay has also built and turned over to the city over $9 million in other improvement such as a new fire station, 110’ ladder fire truck with lift and a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment station, with the capacity for a regional solution and a new water storage tank increasing the city’s potable water storage and improving the line flow capacity from 75,000 gallons to 353,000. The development has also paved the streets in old Dover along with connecting the bike trails to the North Idaho Pathways leading into Sandpoint.
The Dover Urban Renewal District is the most successful urban renewal districts in the State of Idaho and has already reimbursed Dover Bay for $8 million of the municipal improvements of the city.

Are the amenities completed?

All the essential amenities are completed. Dover Bay Development is in discussions to create additional amenities that will improve our community.

Who handles to operations of Dover Bay?

1. Waterfront Property Management, the largest marina operator on Lake Pend Oreille, manages the commercial facilities within the community.
2. Dover Bay Property Management manages some of the neighborhood’s HOAs and overall community association’s maintenance.

What are the prices of the Dover Bay properties?

Unlike many other communities, Dover Bay has something for everyone. Our home sites start at $59,900 for interior home sites with a lake view. We also have Parkside Bungalows starting at $189,000 or if you would prefer luxurious waterfront custom homes that have no price limitations. Dover Bay truly has something for everyone whether you’re a first time home buyer, the second home getaway buyer or an investor.
In addition, Dover Bay has a “buy now, build later” option for home site purchasers. Because our buyers tend to be buying to create a long-term family legacy, and because we understand the nature of this new economy, they can take their time, choose their own-builder and create their dream home when their finances allow.

What type of home styles does Dover Bay feature?

Dover Bay Waterfront Community features 11 different unique neighborhoods which offer a limited selection of waterfront home sites, waterfront condominiums, Cabin in the Woods, Homes in Dover Meadows and Parkside Bungalows each neighborhood unique and offers a variety of prices ranges.

How much waterfront does Dover Bay have?

Dover Bay features 23, 000 feet of waterfront with 9,000 of that on Lake Pend Oreille. All the paths (trails) lead to the waterfront.

What are the demographics at Dover Bay?

The beauty of the Dover Bay Community concept is that our 11 distinct neighborhoods appeal to people from all walks of life. Obviously, we’re geared toward the water and snow-loving crowd, but the diversity of our product offerings appeal to everyone from young first-time homebuyers to well-to-do executives or retirees looking for a luxury custom second home on the water.
A young couple in their twenties can purchase one of our bungalow properties (starting at $189,000) and build future wealth through ownership of a rare and finite commodity…waterfront property. This allows families to invest in their recreational time and create memories that last a lifetime.
Our Homes in The Meadow are perfect for first time homebuyers. More established buyers have been impressed by the quality of our higher end properties, and the fact that we help protect their million dollar-plus home purchases by limiting the release of new Dover Bay offerings.
As “Baby Boomer” couples approach retirement, finding a home where they can retire has become important. They are looking for a place to retire with year round amenities as well as get a place where their families can visit and have a little vacation while doing so. The vacation home is no longer just retreat; it’s a place to live.
The developer has strategically created new home styles to meet the growing and changing needs of our clientele, as well as maintaining home inventories that meet current demand, rather than building large inventories and “betting on the come”. Dover Bay’s homes include easy access to recreation, more space as their families grow, with a genuine interest and focus on family, friends and community.
Our goal is to communicate, cooperate and coordinate with both our existing residents and potential buyers. Confidence comes from proven financial stability of a development, keeping people informed, and offering a variety of options to fit their needs. Dover Bay also embraces the traditional sales and marketing in selling of re-sales within the community.

Where do you see Dover Bay going from here?

We can’t foresee the future; however, Dover Bay features “irreplaceable natural amenities …there’s that segment of our society that will always value waking up to a view of the water, and being able to have direct access to their own stretch of beach. We’ve taken a finite commodity, waterfront property, and enhanced what Mother Nature provided. Sales during the down economy have been steady. We’ve seen a continual interest in Dover Bay and are confident that the trend will continue and accelerate as the economy gets back on track and people get their financial confidence back.

How many miles is Dover Bay from Sandpoint?

Dover Bay is 1.5 miles from Sandpoint, 3 miles from downtown Sandpoint.

What are the HOAs for Dover Bay?

Since Dover Bay has 11 different neighborhoods, each neighborhood has their own HOA.

Does a marina slip come with my home?

No, the marina is an independent company. If you don’t own a boat, you are not required to lease a slip.

What is the marina leasing season?

The season is from May to October. However, if you are looking for year-round moorage please contact the marina at (208) 263-5493.

How much is a marina slip?

The rates depend on the size of your boat. They start at $1700 for a season.

Are the marina slips covered?

Covered, uncovered and side-ties slips are available.

Is temporary moorage available?

Yes. Moorage is available nightly, weekly, monthly or seasonally. Please call (208)263-5493 for more information.

Does the marina have fuel?

Yes. Please call (208)263-5493 for more information.

Is there a pump out station at the marina?

Yes. Please call (208)263-5493 for more information.

Is there a boat ramp available?

Yes. The boat ramp is privately owned, but it is available for the public to use.

Is there a fee to use the boat ramp?

Yes. Please contact the Dover Bay Market for fee information at (208)263-5493.

Is a health club membership included in the purchase of my home?

No, the Lake Club Fitness Center is an independent entity. You are not required to be a member; however, there are number of membership opportunities available. All commercial ventures are stand alone businesses that are not tied to the HOA fees.

Is there a bike path connecting Dover Bay to Sandpoint?

The bike path to Sandpoint starts on Fourth Avenue near the entryway to Dover Bay Waterfront Community.

How much are your homes?

The Dover Bay homes start at $189,000 and go up from there. We like to say we have something for everyone.

What is the Assessment in Lieu of Taxes (AIL) or Project Fee?

During the Dover Bay permitting process it became clear that the City of Dover did not have the tax revenue to maintain the roads in Dover Bay. We developed a plan that we call the “Assessment in Lieu of Taxes”, which is our project association fee structure. It includes the maintenance of roads, parks, trails, snow plowing, street lights, lawn mowing in the common areas, fire protection, safety related issues, and any other necessary expenses. At that time, the difference of the tax levy between Sandpoint and Dover was 4 mils. Our plan provides for the difference in the tax rates as the maintenance budget rate. This tax rate difference funds the budget that we are creating for the project association dues and will be based on the cost of these services. This would give the property owners in Dover Bay the same tax structure of Sandpoint and provide necessary funds to maintain parks and streets at the level we desire. In the future the City of Dover and Dover Bay will get together and if mutually desired, the City of Dover will take over maintenance and receive the necessary funds to maintain them at our quality standard.

What is included in the AIL/Project Fee?

Management and accounting fees, licenses and fees insurance, security provisions, design review expense. Maintenance: Common element and unit pest control, lawn and landscape (common), repair and maintenance (common), maintenance of roads and trails, water and irrigation, greenbelt and wetland maintenance, cleaning of streets and common areas, electricity of common areas, snow removal, trail snow removal.

How to determine a property’s AIL/Project Fee?

AIL is comprised of 2 components:
1. Project Association Fee
Project Association Budget÷ the number of units (In 2016, there were 258 units).
2. Your Property Assessment Tax Value x .00187155 Mil Rate
To determine Mil Rate = Dover Bay Budget÷ Dover Bay Assessment (These amounts will change annually due to expenses and tax assessments.)

What are the property taxes in Dover?

The 2017 Dover Mil Rate = .009145475.

What would your property taxes be if you lived in Sandpoint?

The 2017 Sandpoint Mil Rate = .013174704.

Does Dover Bay have Conditions Covenants & Restrictions (CC&Rs)?

Yes. There are master PUD CC&Rs and each neighborhood has their own set of CC&Rs.

Does Dover Bay have design guidelines?

Yes. Dover Bay has Design Guidelines and a Review Board that’s oversees the designs.

What is the nearest major airport?

Spokane Airport is 1.5 hours away.

How far is Dover Bay from Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort?

Dover Bay is only 12 miles from Schweitzer.

If I wanted to rent my home out while I’m away, do you have a property management company?

Yes. Please call the Dover Bay Property Management Company at (208)263-5493 for more details.

What are the winters like at Dover Bay?

Winters in Dover Bay are usually moderate; however, some years the snow fall could be considered heavy.

How much is the Homestead Barn to rent?

Please call the Dover Bay Market at (208)263-5493 for more information.

Are we required to use a specific builder?

No. Dover Bay Development will be happy to build your dream home or we can provide you with a list of preferred builders. You can also choose your own builder.

Can we have animals?

You can have domesticated animals, but no farm animals.

Is there guest parking?

Yes. There are designated areas for guest parking.

Do you have mosquitoes?

Yes. It’s hard to find any place in North Idaho that doesn’t have mosquitoes. They are part of nature. Dover Bay has installed a number of sparrow houses and bat houses throughout the community to help keep the mosquito population down.

How much is it to rent a vacation rental?

Please call the Dover Bay Market at (208)263-5493 for more information or visit